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How Visualize Free Works

Visualize Free is a free cloud-hosted, zero-client app for data visualization and analytics. It is a derivative of the commercial platform for dashboard, reporting and data mashup developed by InetSoft.


Simply upload your spreadsheet data and drag-and-drop to create visualization dashboards with built-in interactivity. Your private dashboards can be shared with others using a generated shareable link.


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Need More? Upgrade for a fraction of the cost of popular alternatives!

Visualize Free users share computing resources of a single in-cloud server. In order to fairly distribute resources, data and user privileges are limited.


Upgrade to one of InetSoft's commercial offerings to get a dedicated in-cloud server for a fraction of what other popular solutions like Microsoft Power BI cost! You can also connect to live data sources where they reside. Learn more about InetSoft...

Three Simple Steps to Creating Your Own Visualization
Excel or Text Files

Datasets can be Excel files (XLS or XLSX) or text (CSV or tab-delimited TXT). When you upload a dataset it is private to you unless you decide to share it later by changing those sharing options.

Analytic Dashboards

Build an interactive visualization with a zero-client drag-and-drop designer. You, and any person you share the analysis with, can filter and analyze the data, discover new insights, just by pointing and clicking.

Private or Shared

By default your visualization is private to you, but you can make it shareable, and then provide its URL to whomever you like. Viewers do not need to be registered on Visualize Free.

Your data will always stay private.

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Visualize Free offers free

Visualize Free shares much of the same help resources as InetSoft's commercial software. There is online documentation and video training. When browsing the video library look for those labeled for Visualize Free. The InetSoft engineer-moderated user forum is the primary support channel for questions not covered by the help resources.

When you upgrade to our very affordable commercial offering, you can access InetSoft's enterprise support portal and get live assistance. Options also exist for mentoring and professional services.

Beyond Visualize Free

When your data and/or users grow, Visualize Free's simple usage model may no longer be sufficient. You can easily and cost effectively upgrade to one of InetSoft's commmercial offerings, your dedicated in-cloud server, for a fraction of other popular solutions. Enjoy:


  • Unlimited number of users and fine-grained access control

  • Unlimited data size

  • Database connections, updatable server hosted data files

  • Mashup data from multiple sources and leverage the data acceleration engine

  • Ensured performance with dedicated computing power

InetSoft's commercial products offer data mashup and transformation, visual analytics, real-time dashboards, and production reporting, and start at US$165 per month. These offerings are fully compatible with Visualize Free so your migration will be smooth. Some additional benefits:


  • On premise or professionally managed in-cloud deployment

  • Connect to and mashup a large number of data sources

  • Mix and match visualization dashboards and page oriented reports

  • Mashup Machine Learning with business intelligence

  • Seamless embedding and rebranding for OEM applications

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